The Voice chooses Arley’s library for magical trailer

ARLEY Hall’s library has remained unchanged for decades, but only recently has it been allowed to gather dust – stardust that is.

It famously doubles as Tommy Shelby’s study in Peaky Blinders, but its latest appearance was in ITV’s trailer for The Voice which unveiled Olly Murs as the new judge.

You can watch the trailer here

“To be fair the library is almost unrecognisable in the trailer because we had to strip out most of the books,” said General Manager Steve Hamilton.

“The advert seems to be all about finding the ‘magic ingredient’ and we were delighted they found some of what they were looking for at Arley.”

Sir Tom Jones, and Jennifer Hudson joined Olly Murs at Arley Hall in November.

Arley’s historic collection of books were painstakingly removed over two days to make way for the 2,000 bottles that appear to be carrying magic potions in the trailer.

Each bottle was individually lit during the filming, which also saw the furniture emptied from Arley’s Gallery to make room for the final shot.

After the cameras had rolled it was time to put back 2,800 books, but not before many of them were dusted down and given some TLC.

The new series of The Voice UK – presented by Emma Willis – launches on ITV in January.

The hall is open on Sunday afternoons during winter, see Visit Us web page for full opening times.