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You may well have heard about this year’s health fad – birch sap, a drink that is extracted from silver birch trees.

It is set to replace coconut water as the health drink to be seen with in 2015 and reports suggest it can combat everything from high cholesterol to flu, kidney stones, headaches, eczema and even cellulite and dandruff.

Well it might be new to the general public, but gardeners at Arley Hall have been harvesting it for the past year and like nothing better than a ‘birch sap break’ two times a day while others might be sipping tea.

Head Gardener Gordon Baillie said: “I discovered birch sap through reading a Ray Mears book and thought I’d give it a go because it would have some benefits for the gardeners.”
Some of Arley’s birch trees are ‘tapped’ so that the sap can be extracted and it is now bottled in the gardening shed.

If you would like to try some – and possibly talk about other garden goodness such as Gordon’s nettle soup or use of wild garlic – call Andrew Moores on 07714 007902.

• Here’s a recent article from the Daily Mail about birch sap and why it is so popular – Click Here

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