Covid-19 has changed our lives so much over the past year and not being able to get married and celebrate with our friends and family has been especially difficult.  We know how heart-breaking the past 12 months have been for all our clients.

Since the start of the pandemic the Arley team have been offering support and finding solutions for all our clients, some of whom are not on Plan B or C anymore in fact I think we are up to Plan J!

Despite all the restrictions we did manage to host a few weddings in 2020 and they were all wonderful. We had a couple of outdoor weddings in the summer, a couple of 30 guests weddings and 2 beautiful 15 guest ceremony only weddings over Christmas.  Throughout the year we have tried to be as flexible and dynamic as possible.  This has meant we have moved weddings, sometimes with only 24 hours’ notice, and on one occasion in just 3 hours, to accommodate either a wedding breakfast or reduced numbers.  As you will know guidance has sometimes changed overnight and we have stepped up and changed our plans overnight too!

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It has certainly been a huge challenge keeping up to date with the ever-changing regulations and guidance, add on to that the complexities of planning a wedding and it has been a very anxious time for many couples, especially at a time when they should have been getting excited and enjoying the lead up to the big day. 

With 20+ years’ experience of hosting weddings, the Arley team have been able to use their expertise and guide couples through the difficult times, doing whatever we can to alleviate the distress and come up with some really innovative and flexible solutions.  We have become experts in live streaming so that your guests who are unable to attend can watch the ceremony live.  We have taken each part of the wedding day and offered solutions around the government guidance, allowing those who really want to marry to do just that (if allowed)  and postpone the reception until a later date.   We have had some wonderful intimate weddings in the library and we can’t wait to see those couples back on their 1st anniversary for a big follow up party.  These are just some of the solutions we have been able to put in place.

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Below are some kind words from one of our brides who married in December 2020

‘I just wanted to reiterate a huge Thank You for all your wonderful work for my wedding.  It really was the most magical and magnificent day. Really very special and intimate. Everything ran like a dream, thank you so much for helping me have the most memorable day of my life!

Looking forward to this year’s one too!!’

Megan & Simon are celebrating again on their 1st anniversary in December 2021!

We would like to reassure all our clients that we are here to offer as much help and support as possible.  Please get in touch if you have any concerns at all and we will talk you through all the options available.  Sometimes it’s hard to imagine but this will pass.  

And finally …. To the Bride and Groom, parents, relatives and friends, bridesmaids, best men, ushers and supporters, the wedding singers, bands, DJ’s and entertainers, the first and last dances of the evening, the wedding dresses, flower arrangements, invitations and RSVP’s, to the speeches that would have made us laugh, cry, cringe and think, to the gifts and the cards, and of course the cake. To the honeymoons, the stag and hen nights, to all the weddings, that were due to be happening now or soon you’re not cancelled, you’re not postponed, you’re just on pause, and when we can press play again (and we will) we’re all going to have the biggest and best weddings in the world. Remember: love is immune.