The Grove is an informal garden in a woodland setting. It contains spring bulbs, a very large collection of rhododendrons, azaleas and a wide range of other flowering shrubs and exotic trees, including varieties of oak, birch, magnolia, prunus, sorbus, malus, kalmia and hydrangea. Particularly colourful in spring, The Grove provides a most attractive walk throughout the season and visitors frequently comment on its peacful atmosphere.

Sculptures In The Grove

Preparations are underway for our 2017 Sculpture Exhibition and it promises to be more impressive than ever.

For the past four years artists and craftsmen have drawn on The Grove at Arley for inspiration and created dozens of sculptures that have lined the trail throughout the woodland.

We’ve had everything from the magnificent willow stag that still stands proudly in The Grove to the dashing red fox and the shepherdess and her sheep made from wire mesh.

Visitors have enjoyed it so much that we have been working hard to ensure this year’s creations do not disappoint and, if anything, exceed all expectations.

We will update you soon with a full list of artists and the sculptures that you can expect to see on the trail.