Fool Me Once

Many of the Fool Me Once locations were filmed on the Arley Estate during 2023.

Judith Burkett's' home, named Farmwood in the programme is the magnificent Arley Hall. The production used both interior and exterior shots for the location. Judith's office is the Library, her lounge is the Gallery (they installed a new fireplace in the room to make it look more modern), and her dining room is the Front Hall. Internal shots also featured the fabulous Staircase (where Maya spots Caroline) and South Bay Bedroom.

Izabella's house (the nanny) was one of our Holiday Lets (West Gables) - yes you can actually stay in the property!

Maya & Joes wedding, which features as flash backs, was filmed in St Mary's Chapel at Arley and Joe's grave was at the top of our famous double Herbaceous Border.

Other locations across the site include the driveway which involved lots of high speed driving, the main roads through Arley, the staff car park and even Corey the Whistle's private hideaway was filmed at Arley.

Many of these external locations can be seen by visiting Arley and paying garden entry (gardens are open every day except Christmas Day).

If you want to see the internal locations then check the What's On page for Hall opening dates.

Interesting behind the scenes info: Joanna Lumley stayed in one of the Holiday Lets on site during the filming. Rather than stay at a local hotel, Joanna decided to stay at East House on the Arley Estate and the team got very used to seeing her walking around after filming.

If you want to stay where Joanna stayed (East House), or the Nanny's house (West Gables), or in any of our short term let properties just visit our "Stay" page on this website.

Peaky Blinders

Fans of the Peaky Blinders series will recognise Arley Hall as the home of Thomas Shelby from Series 3. Using both exterior and interior locations for series 3, 4, 5 and 6 the film crew became regular visitors to Arley for 6 years.

Thomas Shelby's Office is filmed in the Library at Arley.
Tommy & Grace's bedroom is located in South Bay Bedroom.
The large room featuring the wedding breakfast table for Tommy & Grace is filmed in the Gallery at Arley.
Polly first meets Ruben Oliver leaning against the piano in the Drawing Room.
Polly and the family are arrested and lead away out of the main South Porch doors at Arley.
Many iconic shots include Tommy brooding in the rooms or in doorways plus the driveway from the Hall is featured in many scenes.
And lets not forget that in the series 6 finale, Tommy blows us up!

The location used for Peaky Blinders was nominated in the Location Managers Guild Awards for Outstanding Location in a Period TV Series.

In March 2024 Arley will be opening for a special Peaky Blinders exhibition. Many of the rooms used during the filming will be open to the public and for the first time, photography will be allowed. If you are a big Peaky's fan you can have your photograph taken in Tommy's Office or in some of the most recognisable locations. For more information visit the What's On in March page.

Interesting behind the scenes info: The final explosive scene had to be filmed before the location was open to the public, and although some of the effects were CGI, quite a lot of the explosion was real and did involve flying bricks and debris plus the explosion could be heard for quite some distance. To ensure the safety of all involved (and to keep it all secret) it was filmed very early in the morning.

Coronation Street

Coronation Street regularly films at Arley and we love seeing the cast return for new storylines.

Some of the most memorable have been Mike Baldwin's wedding to Linda Sykes in 2000 and Steve McDonald's wedding to Karen Phillips in 2004 which was rudely interrupted by Tracey Barlow, resulting in a bit of a scuffle in the vestry.

Liam Connor and Maria Sutherland married on the Herbaceous Border in 2008.

Both Deirdre Barlow and Norris Cole's funerals have been filmed at Arley, in 2015 and 2021 respectively.

On a more light hearted note, the storyline for Christmas 2022 involved Fiz Snape breaking down on the Arley estate and being rescued by "Father Christmas".

Interesting behind the scenes info: During Liam and Maria's wedding the actress Samia Longchambon was wearing black wellies under her wedding dress.


Hollyoaks have been filming at Arley during 2023 & 2024.

Rafe, otherwise known as the Earl of Dee, lives in a prestigious stately home in Cheshire (aka Arley Hall)

For those currently watching Hollyoaks will know that things don't end well for Rafe, but is anything ever final in Soapland!

Interesting behind the scenes info: In one scene the cast are seen dancing on one of the tables in Arley Hall, however as the particular table is quite valuable, clever editing meant that the table the cast are actually dancing on is a steel topped art department replica which is then edited to look like the original table.

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