The Ceremony

In May 2023 a celebration of the Cheshire Lieutenancy Copse planting took place at Arley. The planting which took place in November 2022 was in commemoration of the late Queen Elizabeth II as part of the Queen’s Green Canopy initiative.

The Queen’s Green Canopy is creating a living legacy, with over a million trees planted in Her Majesty’s name across the nation during the planting season, October 2021 to March 2022. As a nationwide initiative created to mark the Platinum Jubilee, the Queen’s Green Canopy was due to conclude in December 2022 – the end of the Jubilee year. However, His Majesty the King, extended the initiative to the end of March 2023, to give people the opportunity to plant trees in memoriam to honour Her Majesty. The Queen’s Green Canopy initiative will serve as a lasting tribute to Her Majesty’s extraordinary service to her country and her people.

Lord Ashbrook was delighted to be given the opportunity by the Lord Lieutenant of Cheshire, Lady Redmond MBE, when she chose Arley as the site to plant these trees. As you arrive onto the Arley Estate from the Northwich / Knutsford direction you can see the trees, on your right, just opposite Kennels Green. The copse area is marked with a wonderful Irish Quartz memorial stone which was provided by acclaimed stone mason Jon O’Grady and the centre plaque and leaf adornment was sculpted by award winning international artist, Emma Rodgers.

Great thought was given by Lord Ashbrook to choose the trees, which are predominantly native species offering a mixture of beauty and interest all year round. English Oak, Maples, Cherry, Silver Birch, Crab Apple, Hawthorn and Whitebeam are among the trees chosen. The trees were sourced from 2 local nurseries: Morreys Nursery at Kelsall and Specimen Trees from High Legh, and all of the trees were funded by The Lord Lieutenant and the Deputy Lieutenants.

At the official opening ceremony, organised by the Lord Lieutenant, Lady Redmond MBE was accompanied by over 30 Deputy Lieutenants. She personally thanked Lord and Lady Ashbrook, and gave special mention to Sophie Bray, Woodland Advisor for the Mersey Forest as well as members of the Green Task Force Charity who planted the trees, who unfortunately could not be present at the celebration event.

It is truly a fitting tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II which will be enjoyed by future generations providing a lasting tribute to the reign of the late Queen.

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